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Rimini History

The city of Rimini has a rich historic and cultural heritage. The old town harbours thousands of years of history during which Empires, Wars, and entire generations of families created the foundations of the Italy that we know today.

The Rimini area was inhabited during the Neolithic period and subsequently by the Villanovians, the Umbrians, and the Gauls. With the arrival of the Romans the city was first given an urban structure, thus becoming the first colony in the Paduan Plain in 268 BC.

The Romans occupied the area because of its strategic location at the beginning of the Paduan Plain, which was then dominated by the Gauls. The position was ideal to undertake the conquest of the Plain. Furthermore, ever since ancient times, the area was renowned for its fertile land and the beauty of its coast. 

Thus when the Romans prevailed against the Gauls they took over the land and founded “Ariminum”, the oldest Roman colony.

Rimini reached its peak of splendour under the Roman domination thanks to Emperor Augustus during whose reign the Tiberius Bridge, the Arch of Augustus, and the Amphitheatre were built.

In 1295 the city fell under the rule of the Malatesta family to whom the history of Rimini was linked until 1500, leaving priceless traces behind: Castel Sismondo and the Malatesta Temple.
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