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Dear Customer,
We wish to inform you that according to Article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, the consultation of this website means that you are consenting to the handling of your personal data. Hotel Benvenuti Rimini S.R.L. S. Unipersonale will handle your personal data abiding by the rules that govern the processing of personal data. Personal data is supplied by users optionally and is solely used to provide the services required. Thus any data that is required but not supplied may make it impossible for users to access our services.  
Your personal data (including any email addresses) is gathered electronically and is handled by computerized means for the following purposes:
1. for reasons linked to hotel booking requests and to send information. (Hotel Benvenuti Rimini S.R.L. S. Unipersonale will use this information solely to process bookings and to send specific information that is necessary for booking confirmations such as receipts and booking codes and conditions.)
2. for statistical purposes and to send advertising material by email.
Within Hotel Benvenuti Rimini S.R.L. S. Unipersonale your data will only be disclosed to the following persons:
- to the person appointed to the handling of Personal information,
- to the Manager appointed to the handling of personal data,
- to Hotel Benvenuti Rimini S.R.L. S. Unipersonale employees and freelance workers who are appointed to handle the data;
- to external persons who are in charge of the handling of personal data according to the restrictions and methods that are set out in the letter of authorization, and in compliance with the governing rules. The data that is collected may be disclosed to third parties only if permitted by Legislative Decree 196/2003 (i.e. to persons, companies, and professional studios that provide assistance and consultancy services to Hotel Benvenuti Rimini S.R.L. S. Unipersonale regarding book keeping, administration, legal and tax issues, and financial advice, within the limits that are necessary to carry out their services in compliance with the Law and with EU rules and regulations, and within the restrictions that are imposed by the aforementioned regulations)
Under no other form will personal data be sold, hired, or commercialized without the prior consent of the individual involved.
The list of staff members that are authorised to the handle your personal data is available for you to consult at the Hotel Benvenuti Rimini S.R.L. S. Unipersonale registered address.
Surfing data that is acquired by our IT systems is used solely to compile anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to check that it is functioning correctly. This data may be used to ascertain responsibility in the case of hypothetical computer crimes that may be carried out against this website.
According to Article 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, you have the right to contact the Manager  in charge of handling your personal data at any time to ask for information about the handling of your data and the methods and purposes for which it is processed, and to enquire about the following points:  
1) the confirmation of the existence of your data, its disclosure, and origin;
2) the personal details of the owner of your data and of the other Managers who are involved in the aforesaid, as well as the details of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom  your data may be disclosed or who may learn about your data while acting as Managers or persons in charge of  handling the data;  
3) the updating, correction, and integration of your data;  
4) the deletion, transformation into an anonymous form, and the blockage of data that has been subject to Law infringement;
5) the attestation that the operations mentioned at points 3) and 4) have been brought to the attention of the persons to whom the data has been disclosed, unless the execution of this task is impossible or entails a disproportionate use of effort compared to the right that is to be upheld;   
6) you can oppose the following actions:
- the handling of your data, though pertinent, for legitimate purposes;

- the handling of your data for advertising or market research ends.  

Unless the contrary has been openly and clearly specified, the contents published on,  are protected by the governing copyright rules according to Law 633/1941 and subsequent modifications and integrations and cannot be reproduced on other Websites, mailing lists, newsletters, magazines and CD-ROMs nor by any other means that may not have been mentioned, without the prior authorisation of Hotel Benvenuti Rimini **, whatever the purpose may be.
The authorisation must be requested in writing by email and permission is to be considered granted only when specific written consent has been issued by the legal representative of  Hotel Benvenuti Rimini **.
The lack of a reply on behalf of Hotel Benvenuti Rimini ** must under no circumstance be mistaken for tacit consent.
The non authorised reproduction, hiring, loaning, and disclosing of Hotel Benvenuti Rimini ** is forbidden except in the cases specified below.
Violations are punishable by the penalties that are set out in the following Articles 171, 171-bis, 171-ter, 174-bis and 174-ter of Law no. 633/1941.
The graphic elements and the HTML/XHTML code are the exclusive property of Hotel Benvenuti Rimini **.
Partial exclusion from the copyright regulations
The contents of Hotel Benvenuti Rimini ** can be partially reproduced on the Internet websites of third parties, in newsletters, and by digital and written means as an abstract, on the condition that:
- the reproduced content does not exceed 15% of the written characters contained in the original article
- there is a clear and evident link to the original article published on
- the name of the original author is clearly stated
Responsibility of Hotel Benvenuti Rimini **
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Hotel Benvenuti Rimini **, therefore does not offer any guarantees in relation to the content, information, software, and other products, materials or possible results that ensue from consulting other websites.
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Links to this website from other Internet websites
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- you can create a link but you must not duplicate the content of the website.
- do not declare false partnership with Hotel Benvenuti Rimini **.
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