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The Tiberius Bridge was designed and begun over 2.000 years ago by Emperor Augustus, to whom the Arch is dedicated. The Emperor did not live long enough to see the bridge finished, so it was completed under the reign of Tiberius, his successor.   

It is formed by five rounded arches and is made of Istrian marble. The supporting pillars are decorated with four rectangular false windows. It is almost perfectly preserved since the marble parapet, too, is completely intact.   
The Romans favoured decorating the city along a longitudinal axis, i.e. they would embellish one straight road. From this perspective Augustus’ intentions are obvious. He wanted to enhance the importance of the “decumano maximus”, the road leading to the forum. The project entailed building the Arch of Augustus the beginning of the high street, and the Bridge at the end. In addition, the two monuments are situated at the end of the Flaminia Road (the Arch), and at the beginning of the Emilia Road (the Bridge).
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