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The Surgeon’s House in Rimini is an extremely interesting place to visit!

The “Domus del Chirurgo” in Rimini is a unique archeological complex that dates back to the Late Roman Imperial period and Late Antiquity.

This very precious historic site comprises what is known as the “Domus del chirurgo”, which dates back to the Roman period, and a building that was constructed in the Late Antique period. The “Domus” was built during the second half of the 2nd Century AD.

The building was the home and professional study of an important doctor and comprises areas that were dedicated to receiving, examining, and treating patients; a fact that has been proved by a noteworthy collection of surgical tools that was found on the site, which comprises the most important testament to the surgical skills of the Romans ever to have been found to date. A devastating fire, which occurred around 257 AD, destroyed the domus. The destruction has been connected to the Barbarian invasion of the Paduan Plain carried out by the Germanic Peoples.    

Organize your trip to Rimini and visit the “Domus del Chirurgo”.