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The pearl of Rimini that dates back to the Roman Empire

The triumphal Arch of Augustus in Rimini was dedicated to Emperor Augustus by the Roman Senate in the year 27 BC. It is the oldest Roman arch remaining. It marked the end of the Flaminia Road that connected the Romagna city to the capital of the Empire.

Its principal function was to act as the main gate to the city. However, the fact that the opening of the arch was too large to support a door is due to the peaceful policies of Emperor Augustus, the Pax Augustea, which made it unnecessary to have a city door that could be closed since there was no risk of being attacked.  

The battlements on top of the arch date back to the Medieval period when the city was under the control of the Ghibellines. It became one of the doors to the city and remained so up to the Fascist period when the walls were demolished and the arch became an isolated monument.
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